Progenitor X

Stem Cell Science

This game is a research prototype. It is not currently available to the public.

Join the Fight

The world is overrun with zombies. You, as a member of The Progenitor X Defense Force are a part of a highly trained squad of scientists who can save us. Using highly advanced bio-medical technology, you locate, seek out, and treat infected humans to contain the threat. With your help, the Progenitor X Defense Force will prevail. But be aware: Zombies are out there, and we are all susceptible.

Experience the Future

Progenitor X is a narrative-driven, turn-based, puzzle-solving game where the player will learn about the relationships between cells, tissues, and organs. This scientific concept is a core biology science standard taught from middle school to college. By employing turn-based puzzle mechanics, Progenitor X seeks to attract broad audiences from middle school through college, and teachers might use Progenitor X to teach everything from basic biology to advanced stem cell concepts.

Progenitor X also takes a leap into the future and explores potential advances in Regenerative Medicine and Medical Device Engineering that will surely be of interest to the broad public. Using abstract, conceptual principles derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell research, the player will develop a basic understanding of the process by which adult human skin cells are taken and reprogrammed to become one of over 200 different human cell types. The scientific content of Progenitor X is based on research being conducted at the Morgridge Institute for Research and the Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.


Progenitor X is a game developed to teach players about the relationships between cells, tissues, and organs, including the basic scientific principles of Induced Pluripotent Stem Cell research. The scientific content of the game is presented for educational and recreational purposes only, and should not be construed as medical advice or as a means to diagnose and/or treat medical conditions.