Newt's Voyage

Newtonian Physics

Newt's Voyage now available for free!

Experience Newtonian Physics on Moons in our Planetary System

Newt's Voyage is a newtonian physics based 2D flying game where you're tasked with landing on tricky safe zones while avoiding touching the moon surface, or slamming into any obstacles. You'll need to control your momentum carefully while conserving enough fuel to finish the mission with a good score.

Explore the popular moons of Phobos, Titan, Enceladus, Europa, IO, and of course Earth's Moon, experiencing their unique gravity and environment.

Easy to Learn, Hard to Master

In Newt's Voyage players can choose one of multiple ships of varying degrees of flight difficulty. These ships provide players with a variety of play experiences letting them challenge themselves as much or as little as they like. Still want more difficulty? Clear all the levels to unlock two Elite ships and grind towards 100% achievement completion!


The soundtrack for Newt's Voyage was provided by the incredibly talented electronic music artist Hubrid. Head over to their bandcamp page and listen to more of their awesome discography.