APEX Anatomy Table

Interactable Anatomy Table

This game is a research prototype. It is not currently available to the public.

Apex Anatomy
Software and Hardware

The Anatomy and Physiology Exploration software, or APEX for short, is a platform developed to allow the exploration of anatomy of quite literally any species.

A Unique Tool for Medical and Veterinary Students

The APEX suite includes the APEXHuman and APEXCanine and allows anatomy students to view structures and relationships between different structures. Students and professionals use the APEX software to learn and teach about muscles, bones, and other structures without the need for a cadaver in a full 3D environment!

Use in Classrooms

The apex software is currently being used in classrooms internationally to teach anatomy to hundreds of anatomy students. APEX Software can be directly incorporated into classroom activities through its innovative data sharing solutions!

A Collaborative Effort

We've worked closely with anatomy experts at Ross School for Medicine and Ross School for Veterinary Medicine, as well as anatomists with DeVry Medical International and the University of Wisconsin - Madison to assure complete anatomical accuracy. Each structure is meticulously studied, rendered in 3D, and textured for a photorealistic dissection experience.

The Kiosk

The APEX Table is a standalone computer kiosk designed to be moved from classroom to classroom and work with existing A/V setups commonly found in schools. Connect the APEX Table to a projector and classroom sound system to share one user's view with the whole class! The table is also designed specifically to be ADA compliant, allowing anyone to easily use all of it's features.