Gear Learning is part of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Education


Data Analyst


  • Computer Simulation
  • Statistical data analysis
  • R
  • Python
  • Web design

My name is Mohammad Akanda and I am an associate researcher at Gear Learning/Lead Center, WCER. I explore game-based learning outcomes using data analytics and conventional research design. Before joining here, I worked on online game development to understand how children learn. Also I worked on visualization components development to support symbolic and non-symbolic fraction learning. Broadly speaking, having engineering and applied mathematics background, I am passionate about solving real world problem using various mathematical techniques. Since my graduate studies, I have been working on these. To name a few, I worked on reactor design and optimization, biosensor simulation and modeling of poroelastic system. A second line of my interest includes other applied fields such as actuarial science, data science and statistical learning.


  • Comparison and memory game for children
  • Fraction Game
  • Computational Methods in Engineering
  • Online Data Science
  • Teaching undergrad Mathematics

Playing Now

  • At Play in the Cosmos
  • Econauts
  • Civilization


  • Age of Empires
  • Commandos