Gear Learning is part of the Wisconsin Center for Education Research in the University of Wisconsin-Madison's School of Education

T. Cullen

Senior Artist


  • Project Management
  • Art Pipeline Development
  • Game Development
  • 2D / 3D Content
  • Technical Art

Hello! My name is T. Cullen Morris. I am an Artist, Educator, World Traveller, and a handful of other things as well (most of them positive). My affinity for art and problem solving is what led me to become a 3D artist for real-time platforms, that and video games are super-cool! I’ve been creating content for emerging technologies including AR and VR several years. Largely that content has been a combination of games and education, and continuing that with Gear Learning brings me great satisfaction.


  • GeoBots VR
  • DinoTrek VR
  • Cosmic Awakening VR
  • Dig! for Merge Cube
  • THINGS for Merge Cube
  • Microrangers at AMNH

Playing Now

  • Path of Exile
  • Call of Duty WWII


  • FF3 (US)
  • Rock N' Roll Racing
  • Diablo II