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My Dog Ate My Videogame!

Gear Learning believes that videogames offer the potential to terraform the landscape of videogames building a reciprocal communal process of learning while playing. In this exploration of Educational Videogames, we learn that there is an active pedagogical model built into the structure of Gear Learning games; one that directly posits an ideology of student-player-first experience. It is in this educational framework that we begin to direct the EVG revolution sweeping into our classrooms, understanding that videogames offer a unique position to provide a learning experience that posits a virtual literacy through immersion, and one that creates an openness in both the world development framework for both educational game companies and the students ability to both problem solve and problem seek so that partnered together, educational institutions and videogame companies can create opportunities to tackle the real-world ‘monsters’ our Student-Players face.

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“We are what we play, and how we play it.” Read more about how Educational Videogames are revolutionizing Pedagogy! https://t.co/SJX7sxbCo7

Join Gear Learning Director Mike Beall as he guest lectures in Curriculum & Instruction 177 - Video Games and Learning. Lecture will be held from 2:30- 3:45pm, 1100 Granger Hall!

Have you seen the updates we made to the game in December? Players now earn badges for every mission they complete and progress is tracked on the main missions page. Players also get feedback when they choose the incorrect tool for a task.

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We build award winning games across ages, content and devices. From toddler math apps to interactive tables at the New York Hall of Science, G's games feature inspiring design, innovative pedagogy, and sound business strategy.

We make products, teams, and companies better. Our team spans industry and academics to apply: 1) the principles of interactive entertainment to new areas, and 2) sound pedagogy to innovative products.

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